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mY dReAaM aBouT dReeeeammmyy boyzz aka TeeNGiRlL fAnTaSeE

Last night i had a dream and in it teengirl fantasy was playing a special song, just 4 me, and it was like mAgic, and it sounded like rainbow ice cream with cherries on it and mint chocolate chip, and it looked like baby animals and cute boys with nice cars and dreamy eYesz, and it tasted like skittles, but better, like a REAL rainbow, and it felt like angels were singing to me, and it was like my parents didn't set a limit on the amount of time i could go online and go on facebok and send text mesages, and it smelled like fancy perfume that alice has but mom won't let me buy and fresh baked cookies, so good, chocolate chocolate chip, like laundry and freshly mowed grass and it tasted like icing on a birthday cake with those little silver balls in it that dad says are bad for me but i don't care, i don't care anymore because teengirl fantasy was singing TO ME, and it sounded like unicorns plus magic stuff like a good hair day every day, and free make up that mom lets me wear, to the date she lets me go on, with teengirllll~~ *sigh*